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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) What is the name of your INSTITUTE?
Ans) Hi Tech Punjab

Q.2) From which year your INSTITUTE is running?
Ans) Since 2006

Q.3) What is the name of your Institution's Website?

Q.4) Are your notes hands written or computer printed?
Ans) Computer Printed

Q.5) What subject notes available at your institute
Ans) -> PSTET-I and PSTET-II
        -> Master Cadre(Punjabi, SST)
        -> Lecturer Cadre(Punjabi, History, Pol. Science)
        -> Patwari, Principal, Computer, Clerical etc.

Q.6) What is the structure of NOTES?
Ans) One Liner

Q.7) Are your notes FREE or PAID?

Q.8) Will your notes covers complete syllabus?
Ans) Yes

Q.9) Are your notes prepared topic wise?
Ans) Yes, Notes are prepared Topic Wise

Q.10) Test Series are available or not?
Ans) Yes

Q.11) Can we receive notes at our home?
Ans) Yes

Q.12) Can we place online order to purchase notes?
Ans) Yes

Q.13) Can we receive notes by hand?
Ans) Yes

Q.14) Can we receive notes by post/by courier?
Ans) Yes

Q.15) Cash on Delivery of notes is available or not?
Ans) NO

Q.16) Can we join your ONLINE Classes?
Ans) YES


Q.17) Is your notes covers complete syllabus?
Ans) YES

Q.18) Will you provide syllabus along with notes?
Ans) YES


Q.19) Who can purchase your Notes?
Ans) Any person, who is preparing for competition exam.


Q.20) How can we purchase Notes from Hi Tech Punjab?
You can purchase notes from us after paying fees in our account. After confirmation of fees, we will send complete set of notes by post or courier at your given address.

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