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Frequently Asked Questions by visitors


Some important frequently asked questions are given below. Kindly go through these questions and then take decision to purchase our notes.

 Q. 1)  Your Notes are paid or free.?

Ans) Our Notes are paid. We provides excellent notes with nominal charges.

Q. 2)  Will you provide us Computer Typed notes?

Yes, We will provide computer typed notes of all subjects.



 Q. 3)  Will your notes cover complete syllabus?

Ans) Yes, our notes will cover complete syllabus. We will send a copy of syllabus along with Notes.

 04  How we can get Notes from you (Hi-Tech)?

Ans) You can get notes from our end after paying fees in our account. After confirmation of fees we will send complete set of notes by post or courier at your given address.




 05  Who an purchase your Notes?

Ans) Any person can purchase our notes after paying fees. .

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