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Govt and Private Jobs Portal

Hi Tech Punjab is No.1 notes provider in punjab. We provide hard copy notes and online Coaching for various competition exams i.e. PSTET-I, PSTET-II, Master cadre, Principal, Head Master, BPEO, Lecturer, Clerk and computer courses.

We are pleased to inform you that we are starting whatsapp groups to provide suitable job information and help to get jobs for you at your place or in your home city.

We will provide information of all job offerings i.e. private and govt jobs in private and govt sector of punjab or other states.

We started service to fill form of all types. If any candidate want to fill form then contact with us.

We formed a Whatsapp group:

1) To provide information about job openings.

2) To Help to get jobs.

3) Help to apply different forms.


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2) ch; iwK eotkT[.

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